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New foot massage socks foot massage meridian socks

New foot massage socks foot massage meridian socks

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  • Reflexology Chart Socks*1


  • Color -White.

  • Net content - 33g.

  • Size - 34 ✖ 8.5 cm.


There's no need for expensive spa visits or professional reflexologists. Users can enjoy the benefits of reflexology anytime, anywhere, whether at home, in the office, or while traveling.

Enhanced Circulation

Stimulating reflex points on the feet can improve circulation, which in turn can boost overall health and vitality.

Convenience and Accessibility

Provide a detailed map of foot reflexology points, making it easy for anyone to enhance their health by stimulating specific areas associated with various body parts and functions.

Health and Wellness at Your Feet

Redefines foot wellness by combining comfort with therapeutic design. Each sock is intricately marked with reflexology path points, paired with a specialized massager tool and pen, to pinpoint and stimulate areas for health and relaxation.
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