about us

SBLE is a brand focusing on household, pet supplies, garden supplies, gifts, etc. aiming to promote family harmony and add color to life. Currently mainly engaged in household items.

Stylistically, SBLE draws inspiration from life and uses natural materials to keep it clean and pollution-free. Functionally, SBLE products are close to life and add fun to the family. Promote family harmony and increase the joy of life.

“Simplicity can deliver better utility”
We are always overwhelmed by too many styles and functions around the market, which leads to increased anxiety and an overall sense of dissatisfaction. With the difficulty of making a wise choice, we may end up buying things that are not actually what we want originally and ignoring what we really need.

In fact, we don’t need dazzling patterns or a myriad of functionality, but the timeless minimal style and practical function that suit our needs. And with the belief of “simplicity delivers better utility”, SBLE is created.