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Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

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Candle Led Light Essential Oil Diffuser


1. Aromatherapy Diffuser
2. Ultrasonic Atomization
3. Delicate and Moist
4. Simulated Candle Light
5. Poweroff Protection
6. Essential oil can be Added

Comfortable Fragrance Aromatherapy

You can add your favorite essential oils to use.(Please note: Only water-soluble plant essential oils can be added, don't add corrosive chemical essential oils.)

Ultrasonic Atomization

Without damaging essential oil components
Ultrasonic high frequency atomization technology

Quiet Working

The working sound not exceed 30dB

Water Shortage Protection

When the tank is short of water, it will automatically cut off the power supply

Simulated Candle Atmosphere Lamp

Warm light can be used as bedside lamp create a romantic atmosphere

Product Packaging

Humidifier *1
Charging Cable *1
Instructions Manual *1

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